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Quintus Volante Business Cockpit Web App

  • Case Study

    Antonio Media was approached by Quintus Volante to create a new brand identity which would represent them as a new company in the business software industry. As well as to design a very complex web app for the enterprise market. Workshops, trend watching and research led to a unique and a modern brand identity and a high standard user experience and user interface design. The brand elements were incorporated into the design of the user interface to embody the brand at every touchpoint on the web app. Bringing familiarity and consistency in the design. 


The Solution

Creating Maximum Impact

Being a brand new player in the software industry for enterprises QV took on the challenge of coming out with an enhanced and modern user experience software for enterprise companies from the get go, in comparison with the existing traditional and outdated UI's. The modern web app increases and reinforces QV’s professionalism and image in the market thereby opening doors within local and multinational 
enterprises in e.g. the oil and banking industry. 


Skills Used

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    UX / UI
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    Web Development
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Project Impression

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Peter-Jan van Ham

Business Accelerator Engineer

We, as Quintus Volante, searched for a creative artist who could help to structure our Ideas. What our corporate Identity should be. How we could bring our message. A message which was in our vains, but not ready to sell. John helped us to find our Brand's identity.

The next challenge was the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for our application; the board room track & trace system “Decisio Plaza”. John designed a wonderful user experience which will last for the coming years. It became even the blueprint for our next project; the closing cockpit “Adventure Plaza”. We were able with this design to build an application which accelerate Business Growth. 

John thanks. We will ask your help for our next project! 


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