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This is why we called him “Mr Pixel” at ASML, excellent precision on judging requirements and providing diverse solutions.



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    ASML's CTL

    John Sandiford and Mansur Abdirimov go way back. They were classmates back in 2003 and good friends ever since. Mansur was brought into ASML in early 2014 to help lead the development of several internal projects, including the Central Task List (CTL) project. Looking to make a great improvement on the CTL project, Mansur proposed a UX/UI redesign and pitched this to his managers, which landed Antonio Media the job. ASML, is a Dutch company and currently the largest supplier in the world of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry.


The Challenge

A great idea in need of a great experience

The Central Task List (CTL) is great tool for ASML, it helps them handle up to 60K tasks per month in a very efficient manner. The user experience however was never looked at closely and therefore caused mild-frustrations with it’s end-users. After a brief analysis of the website we saw that there was room for vast improvements on the user experience and the user interface, therefore we gladly accepted the challenge.

~ CTL is a web environment where all tasks of any given ASML employee can be found. The various tasks listed are either assigned to said employee or assigned by that employee.


The Solution

The marriage of a fresh modern UI with a great platform

To execute this challenge Antonio Media worked closely with the client and its employees to bring into perspective their needs. From an in-depth analysis of the platform to user interviews we gathered a great amount of data.

With the proper pain-points identified we set out to work on the user experience; rethinking the flow of information, the positioning, display and categorisation of various functionalities and much more. Once conclusions were made with the client we moved onto the visual designs, focussing on the use of color, typography, iconography and proper use of ‘white space’. With this new found focus we created a brand new user interface for the CTL web application. We then created a extensive requirements document and made the visual designs ready for ASML’s third-party front-end development team to develop and implement.


Skills Used

For ASML we were able to put some great skills to use.

  • webdesign-white-1.svg
    UX / UI Design
  • animation-white-1.svg

Project Impression

View the animation we created or screenshots of the pages.


Cem Musullugil

Senior IT Architect

He completely changed my view 180 degrees on his profession, by putting a complete new dress on the same body. I thought this was not possible, trust him on his profession and quality of his work.

In detail he performed and demonstrated professional approach and received undebatable consensus from top management to application owners on time pressured climates. He was flexible, yet proved that it can still be accomplished without giving up quality. This requires dedication and respect.

This is why we called him at ASML as “Mr Pixel”, he has an excellent precision on judging requirements, and providing various solutions.


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