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"We have made great productions together varying from animations, design of logo's to interactive designs for websites and portals."



  • Case Study

    Aart Nijkamp, Managing Director of Acuity, met John in 2011 during the Dutch Creatives competitions. This was also the start of a very fruitful working relationship.

    After several smaller projects, Aart approached John for the redesign of MijnAccountantsPortal, a platform for the Dutch  accounting industry.

    Acuity creates working environments that provides professionals with innovative and efficient ways to work together through software, solutions and services.


The Challenge

Redesign and simplify the user experience

In 2015 Acuity approached Antonio Media to redesign MijnAccountantsPortal, a collaboration platform / portal for the Dutch accounting industry. The portal has been growing for the past few years and gained several new functions and features along the way. The challenge was to redesign and simplify the portal to make sure every user fully understands all the different functions and features and increase the usability at the same time. MijnAccountantsportal needed a modern look to become a new standard within the industry.


The Solution

A new industry standard

After an in-depth study of the existing portal we fully understood which points we wanted to improve. This study was then followed by sessions with a team of product managers and developers within Acuity, where we established the vision and goals of the new user interface design (UI) of MijnAccountantsPortal. We started with the creation of the user experience design, as all of the functions and features need to be presented in a logical way. In short: we needed to work on usability first. Then we looked at different colours, fonts, icons and pictures. When the redesigned UI was ready, it was tested and approved by an audience group. The development team at Acuity then implemented the newly redesigned UI and MijnAccountantsPortal became the new industry standard.


Skills Used

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    UX / UI Design

Project Impression


Aart Nijkamp

Managing Director

We at Acuity are working for a couple of years together with John and his creative agency. We have made great productions together varying from animations, design of logo's to interactive designs for websites and portals. The results were always great and very much appreciated by us and our clients. John is a multi talented person, a great performer, a very good listener and a fun guy to work with. I am very glad that I met John a couple of years ago and do hope to share a lot of great moments in the future together. 


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