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What we aim to achieve

Any person, company, place or object is able to achieve greatness. That’s what we firmly believe. Using the latest multimedia tools we want to help you become great, or even greater. Details matter to us and we only want to provide the very best. We strive to keep improving our quality standard to new heights to become one of the top players in the southern provinces of The Netherlands. 



Passion for the craft

We care about high quality, unique and awesome design work. It’s as important to us, as it is to you. We don’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. We’re open for discussion and when we’re wrong, we’ll admit it, learn from it and change. This way, satisfaction is guaranteed. 


“We strive to keep improving our quality standard to new heights...”


Love what you do

We believe greatness can only be achieved together. This is why we use an ever growing team of highly skilled individuals specialised in complimentary areas. We also strive to keep collaborating with skilled professionals.



Creating the amazing

Due to modern communication technologies we’re not bound by geographical limits. No matter where you are in the world, we will still be able to provide our services.


Meet The Team

We appreciate the people that help us make the impossible happen.


John Sandiford

Project Manager / Interaction Designer

For the love of great design and working on a variety of awesome diverse projects I started Antonio Media in 2010. Since the start I've been working for various awesome clients on amazing projects. I love the feeling & energy a brand new user experience / user interface concept gives you when executed right. My daily focus is growth in my work and skills and forever expanding my knowledge and network. 


Inge Joosten

Jr. Interaction Designer

For Antonio Media I am working on a different projects for big and small companies. I graduated as a Grapic and Visual Designer due to my love for great design, photography and interior design. As a Jr. Interaction Visual designer I am always pushing myself to create new and innovating designs for clients. How do I get to create new and great designs? I make sketches, brainstorm with my team, do deskresearch, look into design trends and global trends. One of the most important thing to make a great user experience is test, test and test more!


Claire Sandiford

Office Manager

Working for Antonio Media has been an awesome experience thus far. Though I am not busy with the creative part of the business, my creativity comes in the maintenance of the company. As an office manager my role is to make sure that the business runs efficiently and effectively. My responsibilities range from creating and maintaining effective records and administration, handling correspondence & appointments to implementing new procedures. I love my role at Antonio Media and I enjoy seeing the benefits it has on the company.


Camiel de Hoogt

Jr. Visual Interaction Designer

I am a perfectionist when it comes to design. Everything I design has to be up to standard. Antonio Media is the kind of business where it comes to delivering the perfect product for the customer. I am always trying to learn new techniques that will help me to develop my skills. This is important because of the market we are working in that is continuously changing.


Arjan van Helden

Jr. Visual Interaction Designer

Great design is in my nature. Here at Antonio Media we do just that, create great designs. Everyday I face a new challenge, a new problem to solve. I'm a designer that likes to experiment and create unique designs. Working here is a great way to develop my skills. With an endlessly moving market I have to keep up with the latest trends and implent them in my projects. 



Helene Weterholt

Jr. Business Consultant

Being able to partake the EPIC adventure of Antonio Media is a huge stepping-stone to achieving my goals. As a business consultant at Antonio Media it is further enabling me to develop my strengths whilst teaching me the skills I need to succeed. From writing a business plan from scratch to developing marketing strategies for an innovative concept, I am confident that I will deliver value throughout the whole journey with and at Antonio Media. 


Guilio Janssen

Jr. Marketing Consultant

Joining the Antonio Media team as a Jr. Marketing Consultant wil be a great opportunity for me to use my knowledge about marketing to contribute to the achievements of their goals. My job is to create more brand awareness for Antonio Media and I will use my skills to their fullest extent to accomplish this. I am very motivated to work with this wonderful team and together we will achieve some EPIC results!

Our Trusted Collaborators

Without these great people we would could not create awesome work!


Miguel Marques

Dev. Project Manager, CMS/ Front-end Developer

With more than 10 years of experience in designing, managing and developing solutions, I’m responsible for the coordination of a variety of development projects. I met Antonio Media in 2011, together we have completed several web/app projects. I appreciate the mutual trust, respect and professionalism that we have for each other especially in demanding projects.



Back-End/ Front-End Developer

I’m a young guy with a passion for technology. Everyday I’m eager to learn and grow in my web development skills. At Antonio Media I got the opportunity to challenge myself in this field and I must say what a challenge it has been for which I am grateful. Together with Miguel and Antonio Media we have created amazing web/ app products which has improved my skills and experience in the past 4 years.


Wouter Spanjaart

Copywriter / Voice-over

With over 5 years of experience as a text wizard, I enjoy creating captivation headlines, articles and more. I have worked on several freelance projects for Antonio Media. Mainly as voiceover actor / script writer for animations and as a copywriter for several websites. I enjoy making great and epic products with the super team of Antonio Media.


Dirk van den Heuvel

Brand strategist / Designer

Independent design professional in the field of branding & visual identity with over 5 years of working experience. Together with Antonio Media we are eager to innovate and develop future proof products. To deliver top quality solutions for our clients.

We Are Proud Members of...

  • Founded By All

    Creative Business Hub

    A creative business hub for creative entrepreneurs in the field of design and engineering based in Strijp-S, Eindhoven.

  • WTCe Young Professionals

    A Young Entrepreneur's Network

    A business club for young professional entrepreneurs to expand their network and develop their commercial skills.

  • SBB

    Bringing education and industry together

    An organisation that provides companies with the most highly qualified professionals.


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